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The following ministries are spiritually and financially supported by Coastline Church. For all other outreach groups supported by Coastline Church members, visit our Small Group Directory.

committed to bringing

hope and healing

Coastline children's home

Coastline Church members visit the home the second Saturday of every month.We would love for you to join us! Please email Marsh Moore for more information or to sign up for a visit.

About Us

Coastline Children’s Home is in Rosarito, Mexico and is fully supported by our Church. The home is an 1800 square foot house that serves about 35 children ranging in ages 7- 18. We are more than an orphanage we are a safe haven for abandoned and abused children. Here, not only do they experience the love of a mother and father from their care-givers, but they also experience the love of Christ through the caretakers and Coastline members.


Our Mission

Our mission is central to all that we do: to bring hope and healing to children and equip them to be soldiers for Christ.


Our Vision

Coastline Children's Home is a place of excellence providing the highest quality services to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of children.

  • Spiritual Needs: This is the most important part of our vision. Everyday we strive to plant the word of God in the hearts of these children by having them memorize scripture and challenging them to be the hands and feet of Christ to each other. The children attend church on a regular basis and are also supported by their local church, La Aqua Viva.
  • Physical Needs: Providing shelter, food, clothes, and school supplies
  • Emotional Needs: Constantly filing their tanks with love and providing a supportive environment to encourage their personal interests.
  • Intellectual Needs: Developing programs and maximizing resources as a response to the needs of children


By God's grace, Coastline Children's Home has been the hands and feet of Jesus to children across Tijuana for 9 years.

The organization was founded by concerned, caring individuals who were heartbroken by all the orphans on the streets of Mexico. Their hunger for justice drove them to the Mexican authorities who oversee orphans (DIF). Often, there is no room for the children to live in the state run orphanage and they are turned away-- to the streets. Coastline Children's Home takes these children in hopes of developing ambassadors for Christ who will one day help children in need.

We have many goals to expand our scope of influence and hope that you will join us in this effort if God puts such a burden on your heart.



Coastline Children's Home is run by Victor and Gabe Reyes, along with several other volunteers. They have been there since the start and are a wonderful and committed couple that has provided a safe and loving home for the children.


Monthly Visits and Programs

As a church, we visit the home on the second Saturday of every month. During this visit we can use God's servants in the following areas:

Activities: Plan and coordinate activities with the children for each visit.

  • Education: Build a home library to promote literacy and plan and conduct fun learning opportunities for the children.
  • Building/Construction: The home is in desperate need of many improvements and we can use strong individuals with an interest in construction, improvement, and building projects.
  • Medical: Often the children become ill but due to a lack of finances. They do not receive proper medical attention. God can use you to make healing changes in their lives.
  • Finances: Fundraising will be imperative as we grow and outgrow our current facility.

Back-Pack Drive: In Mexico, children cannot attend school without a backpack full of supplies. They must provide their own pencils, notebooks, and uniforms. Every August we extend an opportunity to provide the children with these supplies. We also collect funds and purchase the supplies ourselves if you would like to help but don’t have time to assemble one on your own. The estimated cost is $20 per back-pack full of supplies.

Christmas Angel Tree: During Christmas time we ask the children to make a wish list. This list is attached to an ornament with their picture you can pick an ornament and buy the gift or donate the funds for us to buy it.

Join Us

Coastline Children's Home is actively recruiting new members of the Mexico Dream Team. We would love to match your skill set with our areas of opportunity. We are always excited by manpower, business men and women, artists, teachers, dentists, family doctors, nurses, etc. We also welcome team members who are willing to spend time with the kids and provide the children with basic loving care. We love anyone who has a heart for children to join us and share their love and interaction so needed throughout the critical formative years.

The Dream Team at Coastline as been very actively involved with organizing and distributing ongoing gifts to Coastline Children's Home, and now the thrift store offers another opportunity for gifts to benefit the kids.

There are two bins located outside of the Family Center where gifts can be dropped off until they can be transported to Tijuana. A better more specific idea of what's most popular at the store will come in time, but for now gifts of the following items are ideal:

  • Baby clothes
  • Jeans (kids, women's, and men's)
  • Ladies and girls gently used clothes
  • Gently worn or new girls and boys sneakers/tennis shoes
  • Men's dress shoes, ladies and girls dress shoes
  • Men's boots
  • Household items
  • Small appliances
  • Sporting goods (soccer balls, etc.)

As always, thank you so much for your support of Coastline Children's Home. Your gifts are appreciated more than you can imagine!

reaching the lost

one at a time

coastline out2reach

About Us

We're an outreach ministry serving the homeless or those who are in need on the streets of North County SD and surrounding areas. At least once a month we go out and share the life-giving message of Jesus at various homeless encampments in the area by providing hot food, clean water, fresh clothes and hygiene supplies. We also use these moments to share the word of God and pray for those who would allow us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of those who lack, in hope that they would become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision is to acquire resources to facilitate rehabilitation and education in hopes that they may once again participate in society in a more meaningful, life-giving and purposeful way.


Once a month we setup at Tyson Park in Oceanside Ca and provide a hot meal, clothing and personal hygiene items. We eat, share the word of God and enjoy a stunning, up-close view of the coast.


Out2Reach is led by husband and wife duo, Bobby and Alice Amaro, along with a number of passionate volunteers. Bobby and Alice started this ministry and are committed to seeing lives changed through the healing power of God.

Join Us

We are actively seeking volunteers who ready and willing to use their God-given talent of compassion to enrich the kingdom. We welcome team members who are willing to use their hands and feet to help us prepare food, setup and break down at events, provide prayer support, or monetary contributions.

Items we use the most for the Out2Reach ministry:

  • Socks and undergarments
  • Person hygiene items
  • Items for packaging food (Ziplock bags, plastics utensils, etc.)
  • Jeans (kids, women's, and men's)
  • Ladies and girls gently used clothes
  • Gently worn or new girls and boys sneakers/tennis shoes
  • Men's dress shoes, ladies and girls dress shoes
  • Men's boots
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags

As always, thank you so much for your support of Coastline Out2Reach. Your gifts are appreciated more than you can imagine!

Meets 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

For more information, contact:

Bob Nealon  |  robertn333@gmail.com

bringing joy and peace

through service


About Us

The bible states, in James 2:20, that ‘Faith without Service is Useless’. This is the backbone of the J2:20 Outreach Program. This program was created to serve Christ through serving others. It is also intended to be an instrument in saving souls by showing the unconditional love God provides each and every one of us. God wants us all to lighten the burdens of those in need through individual acts of service. The volunteers who give their time and efforts in serving those in need will experience a spiritual growth within themselves that cannot be equaled though worldly ways.

Join Us

James 2:20 is so simply stated yet, one we all seem to struggle with from time to time. We are here to bring joy and peace through service. Please consider joining the J220 group and experience many opportunities to help those who are suffering in our community and be an instrument of God's Word and Christ's unconditional love. Nothing is more satisfying than a glowing smile from someone who's struggles have been lifted.

For more information, contact:

Gary Chapman | gchapman@csdesigngroup.com

Randy Reynolds | randy@guardianelevator.com

Doing what we love

for those we love

Coastline Auto service - the shop

About Us

The Shop is a group managed and led by members of Coastline. The vision is to help families within our congregation and community with light or minor automobile issues. This is a pay-for-service outreach program that provides minor fixes and light repairs at a reduced rate for those who simply cannot afford the expensive repairs provided by dealerships and garages.

Do like working on cars? Think it would be fun to help some folks out with light maintenance and repairs? 

Come join us at The Shop! 

For more information, contact:

Jason Layton - jason@coastlinechurch.org

Immediate Needs: In search of a 2-3 bay garage for lease or sub-lease.