A Study Of The Life & Teachings of Jesus

Jesus Christ is, without a doubt, the most fascinating person this world has ever known. From redefining what it means to love God to performing literal death-defying miracles, his life is mesmerizing and, too often, misunderstood. That's why, as a church, we're embarking on a 14-week journey through the Life Of Christ. On this journey, we're going to step back into the world of the Bible spatially, historically, culturally, and spiritually to develop an intimate love for and understanding of Jesus. We can't wait to take this ride with you!

Text JESUS to 760-493-6440

The Life of Christ study will have multiple components. First, you'll need to sign up for a daily text (JESUS to 760-493-6440) that connects you to a video and devotional. Groups are also centered around what we're learning on Sundays and throughout the week in the devotionals. 

We're excited to grow together as we know more about our Savior!

Videos + Devotionals

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Life of Christ Groups

We believe that relationship with others is integral to finding your place in Christ and the church. Groups are the perfect way to have a close community within Coastline Church's larger family. 

If you would like to start a group of friends, host a group, or lead a group, please place your name on this interest list. Our team will contact you, review what it means to be a leader at Coastline and help you get your group started!

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