Financial Stewarship

Live in financial freedom

Coastline Finance is designed to help Coastline Church’s members live a life free of debt by using biblically sound principles. We educate, inspire and enable those who complete our Financial Peace University (FPU) program by Dave Ramsey Solutions to become the best managers and stewards of the money God has entrusted to them. Did you know that there are over 2300 scripture references to how we should handle our money in the New Testament alone? The truth is, the bible is the perfect financial planner for youth, young adults and families to life of financial freedom today and I the generations to come.

Coastline Church believes in teaching the biblical truths about all the aspects of money ranging from tithes/offerings, to learning how to budgeting, to plan, to save and how to set-up a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren This is why we have partnered with Dave Ramsey Solutions and their Financial Peace University Small Group Study as their material in biblically based, relational, inspirational and highly practical. 

- Scott Hilmen, Financial Freedom Hub Director

Financial Peace University

Big changes start with small steps! At Coastline Church, we’ve learned the best way to get out of debt and take control of your money is to make a plan, and work the plan over time with good counsel and accountability partners. Financial Peace University is that plan! FPU consists of a nine-week video curriculum taught by financial expert Dave Ramsey. It incorporates fun and practical small group discussions that help encourage accountability, discipleship and discipline. The FPU program isn’t just about getting out a debt and on a budget… it’s about experiencing and living a life with financial freedom the way God intended for everyone one of us.

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Real people, Real results

At the beginning of 2016, my husband and I felt in our spirit that it was time to really take control of our finances. We were pretty close to $20,000 in debt and when we compared how much I was bringing in to how much was going out, it seemed hopeless. We reached out to Dave for help. We took the financial health assessment, made a plan, and worked the plan. Aligning God’s truth with a very practical action plan, my wife and I were able to completely remove all credit card debt. We could finally breathe again. The best part is that we are now able to give so much more to kingdom building opportunities! FPU is a no brainer for anyone and everyone who wants to live in financial freedom.

- Danae


About a year ago and a half ago I found myself in a familiar place. I truly felt like a Slave to my debt that had a rope around my neck. After joining coastline I felt comfortable enough to approach pastor Aaron about my situation. Of course God had a plan for me and my family to help. Aaron introduced to Dave Barth and he met with me and my wife to start this new journey. Quickly we realized how small changes in our life would quickly turn us around. Today I can confidently say that after a year of living a financial freedom life I wake up with a huge weight lifted. Not only have I covered most of my debt but my business is thriving. Glory to God and thank Coastline for having a course of action in place for all of us. 

- Matt

Crown Moneylife Indicator

The MoneyLife Indicator is a unique tool designed to determine your financial state of health from a biblical perspective. We’ve made this tool available to all members of Coastline Church for free. To assess your financial health, you will be asked 52 questions relating to your beliefs and behaviors in 9 key areas. Once complete, a report will be generated that will reflect your unique score (financial health indicator) in all 9 areas. The report will also include an action plan for your 3 lowest scores in both belief and behaviors. We encourage and commend your for your desire to become a godly steward.